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INDUSTRIES SERVEDEvent & Equipment Rentals

Ascent Payment Solutions provides best-in-class payment processing solutions and technology for the Event and Equipment Rental Industries including those with online storefronts. With over two decades of experience providing payment solutions safely, securely and with savings, Ascent can be your trusted partner in payment processing.

Whether your company specializes in event rentals including banquet, party, and special event rentals, or in equipment rentals such as heavy machinery, bicycles, medical equipment, vehicle rentals, and lawn & garden equipment, Ascent has a solution for your business.

Designed with the professional in mind, our innovative payment services streamline your payment collection process for you and your clients

Our solutions, including payment gateway services, offer you:

  • Fast Payments/Quick Deposits
  • Software integrations to eliminate double entry
  • The ability to automate the payment process
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards as well as ACH/E-checks
  • Safe & secure tokenization of information
  • Support online, in-person, and phone payments as well as electronic invoicing
  • Various hardware options for in-person payments
  • Merchant of Record (MOR) services
  • Easy to understand, transparent pricing
  • Access to our free U.S. based support team

Ascent partners with quality independent software vendors (ISV’s) to help ensure the seamless integration of our payment and gateway solutions within a diverse list of platforms. The primary focus of our partnerships is to build the right technical solution that makes sense for your user base. Every ISV that we work with is unique and we do not approach partnerships with a “one size fits all” mentality. Our consultative process ensures we remain efficient with time & resources and most importantly, gives us the space to clearly define a Go-To-Market Strategy. At a high level, we supply the solution that makes sense, we roll the solution out strategically which drives Merchant Adoption and ultimately, allows us to help you monetize the payments platform. Software developers wanting to partner with Ascent to better their solutions and enhance their client’s payment experience should email Ascent at

Why choose Ascent for Your Processing Needs?

  • Ease of Implementation

    Ascent is partnered or completely integrated with many software providers, making it easy to implement our payment processing solutions or to switch from your current processing provider, so you can continue to focus on running your business.

  • Convenient Payment Solutions

    Ascent payment processing solutions integrated with your existing software can save you time and money. Ascent makes accepting credit, debit cards, and ACH/e-checks convenient within your existing integrated software.
    We provide online payment pages (virtual terminals) and we also offer AscentZeroCost which allows merchants to pass along credit card fees to the customer.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

    Ascent clients receive a dedicated team to provide guidance and assist with set-up, training, chargeback support, and any other items you may need assistance with to streamline your payment processing. We understand your vulnerabilities to chargebacks and start with a comprehensive analysis of your rental agreement to provide feedback on verbiage that we have seen to be successful in chargeback disputes. 

  • Seamless Integrations

    Ascent integrates with an extensive list of software partners to offer the user a more convenient and seamless accounting experience, increasing your productivity and profitability.

  • Top Level Security

    Ascent offers merchants safe and trustworthy payment processing. After setting you up as a Merchant of Record with one of the largest and strongest banks in the U.S., your funds are secure throughout the entire funding process. We also offer expert services and tools to help securely manage cardholder data, reduce the risk of fraud, and regulatory compliance through PCI certification.

  • Money Saving Solutions

    Ascent Payment Solutions can lower your credit card fees with programs designed to help our merchant partners:

    • Interchange+ Pricing
    • Reimbursement for Processing Fees on Refunds/Credits (Net Billing When Available)
    • No Surcharges for International Transactions
    • Lower Rates for Debit
    • ACH/E-check Services Available
    • AscentZeroCost: Reduce Your Credit Card Fees to Almost 0%

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