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Partner with the Standard Bearer for Payment Processing in the Rental Industry

Over 20 years ago, Ascent was conceived to offer the rental industry better payment processing products, solutions, and service because we felt the industry deserved better options. We believe that we achieved that goal, and we continue to deliver the best solutions for our clients and partners each and every day.

When we bring the best solutions to our clients and partners, we achieve our goal of being:

The Ascent team learned early on our success depended on forming strategic partnerships with the best software developers, website design and marketing firms, travel insurance providers and other first-class industry vendors. Today we partner with over 25 companies to provide their clients access to our payment processing services which include our core business of credit card processing but also includes best-in-class support, customer service, chargeback expertise and other payment solutions.

Ascent believes for our partnerships to be successful they need to be long-term, symbiotic, and profitable relationships that benefit all parties, most especially the rental managers who become mutual clients because of our partnerships.

As one of the only remaining independently owned payment processors that specializes in the lodging industry in the United States, we believe Ascent is a partner that both you and your clients deserve. Ascent helps our clients and partners solve problems with solid, profitable solutions so they can focus on growing their business knowing their payment processing needs are handled by experts. 

At Ascent we continue to look for new partners who want their clients to have the best options for payment processing and we have a variety of different levels of partnerships from simple referral to full integrations. If you are a lodging/rental industry vendor and want to explore how our services can benefit your clients and your company, please let us know.

Ascent Partnership at a Glance

  • Our gateway using Slim CD allows seamless integration and allows for merchants to input Level III settings to automatically get merchants the lowest possible interchange category.
  • Ascent offers an ISV/PayFac solution for developers specializing in smaller rental managers and who want to provide their clients with superior service and industry expertise.
  • We utilize our 20+ years of expertise in the property management and lodging payments space to provide exceptional, dedicated customer/client support. 
  • Ascent also offers expert support with Chargeback and PCI questions to our clients.
  • Ascent offers the HIGHEST revenue share programs to our partners.
  • State-of-the-art payment acceptance options and stellar customer service, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
    • AscentPay powered by Uplift allows travelers to pay for their trips in monthly installments while rental managers get paid in full at time of booking. We assume ALL chargeback and fraud related issues.
      • AscentPay also allows you to separate yourself from your competitors with a product differentiator.
    • Our AscentZeroCost program (surcharging) allows our partners to exponentially increase their revenue compared to other partner Simple Referral Base programs.
  • Together we can provide strong, efficient, and scale-able solutions specific to the rental industry.
  • We have multiple partnership opportunities, all of which come with a very sizable revenue share model:

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