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Ascent Cryptocurrency Program

Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method is becoming more and more common as crypto becomes more popular and transitions from an investment tool into the mainstream. The travel industry is poised to become one of the industries that will benefit from this transition, especially those who provide high-end products.

As such, knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how to accept them for payment should be a priority for rental managers.

Ascent is proud to be able to offer the ability to accept cryptocurrency through the Ascent Cryptocurrency Program. We have partnered with NetCents to provide this service to the short-term and vacation rental industry. To get started accepting Cryptocurrency payments, the first thing you will need to do is sign up for a NetCents Business Account. More information about this program and the details of signing up for a NetCents account can be found below.

About Cryptocurrency

To help our clients, understand more about cryptocurrency, we have published several educational blog posts that will explain the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, define some of the most important terminology, and answer some of the most frequent questions we get about crypto.

You can also find more information on cryptocurrency in our FAQ.

Cost of Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

The cost to accept cryptocurrency through the Ascent Cryptocurrency Program is straightforward and depending on how you proceed once signed up, you may have the opportunity pass these fees directly to the consumer.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Once you have opened your NetCents account, you have several options on how you can accept payments:

API Integration: Your rental management software provider can integrate the NetCents solution into your software through an integration to the Slim CD payment gateway and secure sessions. This integration will also provide additional security through IDVerify, the option to add-in the AscentZeroCost compliant surcharge program and much more. Contact your rental management software provider and let them know they should integrate to the Slim CD gateway.

Stand-Alone Product: If your rental management provider does not currently integrate to the Slim CD secure session product, you have two options to easily accept cryptocurrency outside of your software solution:

Sign up to accept digital/cryptocurrency payments with NetCents

The first step in the process of accepting cryptocurrency payments is to open a business account with NetCents. Their online portal will walk you through all the steps necessary to open your account. If you should have questions along the way, please feel free to reach out or you can get more information about the process by reading their online guide.

Sign up for a business account at NetCents

Part of the process of setting up your NetCents account, will be to provide them with documentation to verify your business. The documents are requested are a part of their Know Your Customer (KYC) process. 

Please have the following documents ready:




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