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Accepting payments should not be complicated. Ease of payment acceptance is one of the primary reasons for us establishing Ascent more than 20 years ago.

We offer hosted, customizable payment pages that allow you to provide your guests with a flexible and secure payment channel directly from their existing website. Our payment pages provide a user-friendly interface for guests to pay in real-time via their credit card or checking account.


Your Security is Our Priority

Our hosted payment pages offer the strongest protection possible against fraud and data breaches when accepting payments online.

  • The process is handled independently of the merchant’s system, which keeps payment credentials secure from outside threats.
  • The process ensures your software never “touches” the guest’s credit card information, not even at point of entry.

With Ascent you can rest assured that you are keeping your customers’ data secure in a completely compliant way. Contact us today to find out how you can start protecting your clients, your data, and your reputation.

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