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Fall 2022 Interchange Updates

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Fall 2022 Interchange Updates

There are several changes occurring in October 2022 that will likely affect clients in our industry.


American Express:
  • Amex has added a card association “Program Continuation” fee that they will assess on all non-debit cards processed on the OptBlue program for certain merchants. The fee is 0.03% x the transaction dollar amount.
  • American Express is changing the Industry Category assigned to several Merchant Category Codes (MCC), including 6513/Real Estate Rentals. The interchange categories on for merchants using the OptBlue program and this MCC will now fall under the Industry Category “Rentals”. Generally, this change will offer some interchange savings to certain merchants.
  • Visa has increased the Account Verification fee to $0.035/transaction. This Authorization fee is assessed on zero-dollar transactions run for account verification on domestic credit cards.  
  • Visa has added a CrossBorder/International fee for merchants processing in multi-currency or in a non-domestic currency.


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