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Fraud Chargebacks Are Growing

Oct 26th, 2021


Ascent can help stop friendly and criminal fraud


Merchants like you, who process in a Card Not Present (CNP) environment, face challenges. 


  • CNP chargebacks are on the rise, as are cases of friendly fraud (43% increase reported) and criminal fraud (21% increase reported), per a report from Chargebacks911.  Credit Card Fraud Chargebacks
  • Merchants like you are being affected. A vacation rental manager in Hawaii we talked to is reporting 5x more overall chargebacks in the past 12 months than they’ve had in the 2 years prior.  Almost 60% of the chargebacks they received were for fraud and they have lost almost 100% of the fraud chargebacks they’ve received so far.   

It is impossible for you to know what is friendly fraud and what is criminal fraud. Either way, the results can have sometimes significant financial impact on your business.   

With tighter chargeback regulations in place at the card brands, almost all liability for disputes claiming fraud now falls to you, the merchant.   

But there is a way to shift the liability for fraud chargebacks to the banks:   

Enhanced Cardholder Identity Authentication Technology 

Remember how chip cards, using EMV technology, made a big impact in the Card Present payment space? 

Well enhanced cardholder authentication technology is the EMV of CNP transactions.   

  • It is required in Europe.   
  • This is where the US payments industry is moving for enhanced security.   
  • And this technology is available now from Ascent.   

You can receive authentication, at the time of the transaction, that the identity of the person paying for a vacation is the actual cardholder. According to Elavon, this technology is “considered to be one of the most effective global fraud security protocols available to the average business”. 

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