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Our Specialty Customer Service is Second to None


Experience The Ascent Customer Service Difference

When you hear the term “amazing customer service,” what do you immediately think of?

Chances are, you remembered a wonderful experience you had with a clerk in a store or a waitperson in a restaurant who went above and beyond their normal duties for you.

Or perhaps you think of a situation where you weren’t expecting great customer service at all— like on an airplane or in a hospital— but instead received some of the best service of your life.

Payment processing services often fall into that latter category, with long hold times and generically scripted “help” that is more frustrating than helpful. In fact, some of the bigger and more familiar names in our sector are also known for having some truly atrocious customer service. Yikes.

Here at Ascent Payment Solutions, solving your unique payment processing needs is our specialty. 

Hire Someone Who Knows Your World

In the vacation rental and property management world, you know that hiring a professional with no experience in your field leads to a lot of headaches. Hiring a pro with tons of VR expertise, however, is a dream. Housekeeping, maintenance, marketing, front office, accounting… it’s all so much easier when the person you hire already has valuable vacation rental and property management experience in their back pocket.

The same goes for your payment processing service.

While some of the bigger names in our industry such as Stripe and others, are trying to service every kind of industry under the sun (retail, eCommerce, etc.) that unfortunately means your vacation rental and property management transactions are not their first priority— especially when handling complicated things like chargebacks.

We’ve Got Your (Charge)Back

To other payment processing services, a chargeback is a chargeback is a chargeback— no matter what the industry. At Ascent, we know this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there are numerous combinations of setup strategies and payment codes that, if assigned correctly based on how YOUR business processes payments, can positively affect the requirements and the outcomes of these chargebacks— something the experts at Ascent know very well.

While Stripe and other large processors simply lump all “lodging” businesses together, for example, Ascent’s specialty is ensuring these codes are set with precision.  Whether you are providing direct bookings for vacation rentals, furnished housing, or RV hosting, whether you have thousands of beach homes available or one cabin, and even how and when you charge your guests, each Ascent merchant account is customized for maximum chargeback protection for your property management business.

And it’s not just chargebacks. 

Our dedicated Ascent experts also use their deep knowledge and precision to ensure all codes are set up correctly for your accounts so that your business qualifies for the best interchange rates (there are literally thousands) for each individual card type and transaction.

At Ascent, You Speak to an Actual Person

Those bigger payment processing behemoths also tend to rely on large call centers to handle most of their customer service calls and emails. These factory-like spaces, often not even located in the US, pay low wages and experience high turnover— leading to an even more frustrating customer service experience for you.

Compare that assembly line image to our own local Ascent customer service offices, where our relentlessly dedicated representatives strive to help each and every one of our clients like you— on every call and in every email— every time.

Plus, our corporate culture of kindness (#ascentfulness) ensures that each of our transactions is approached with care and compassion.

If you’re searching for a new way to process your vacation rental or property management payments— a better, more satisfying way— contact us today to get started.


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