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Reduce Fraud Chargebacks with IDVerify

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Payment processing security has many different facets. It’s not just PCI compliance and keeping personally identifiable information (PIA) as safe as possible. Although PCI DSS is very important, and our team is always willing and available to help in these regards. 


In addition, we know fraud prevention is at the top of our clients' security priorities, as we’ve spoken about in our previous newsletters and have included in our video series. Card-not-present (CNP) transactions, the type of transaction property rental managers accept the most for advance rent prior to arrival, are especially vulnerable to fraud.

 Some examples of fraud our clients have experienced

  • Card Account Testing 
    • Cybercriminals use automation to submit transactions to test various fields to discover legitimate card details they can sell. 
    • These bad actors will also test to see if credit cards are valid by transmitting a high volume of low dollar charges through your website. 
  • Stolen Credit Card Data
    • There has been a marked increase in fraud chargeback over the last year in the vacation rental industry as criminals have been taking advantage of both the CNP atmosphere and the fact that many rental managers have instated contactless check-in to avoid every having to verify their identity as the card owner. 

Fraud can and will cost you time and money if you are unlucky enough to be the target of cybercriminals. In some instances, such as with fraudulent account testing, you may even lose your ability to accept payments for an extended period.  


What can you do as a merchant to protect yourself from these types of fraud?  


For payments security, Ascent recommends that your website check-out pages include CAPTCHA functionality, at the very least. We also recommend your web developer implement BOT detection software on your entire website. 


We also recommend you ask your software and web hosting company about Ascent’s IDVerify tool, powered by EMV 3DS. The technology behind IDVerify uses more than 100 data points at payment to instantly authenticate a cardholder’s identity and assess the risk of an ecommerce payment transaction – without adding friction to the transaction.  


When IDVerify is integrated to your payment page, you can get the same piece of mind that the EMV chip provides for in-person payments. IDVerify cardholder identity verification transfers the liability for fraud to the issuing bank, which can significantly reduce fraud chargebacks.


Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing IDVerify to you in more detail.


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