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Visa has Updated their Brand Mark

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Visa has updated their brand mark and you need to too! 

All merchants accepting Visa cards and displaying Visa’s mark should update to the newest mark.  

Updates should be made by merchants wherever the Visa brand mark is displayed, including on their website (online checkout pages) and any physical displays where cards are accepted face-to-face, such as at check-in counters, front doors, etc. 



To learn more and download the latest brand mark for Visa, please click here

It is important to stay up-to-date when the card brands make changes to their rules, as these rules can affect your business.  

Card Brand Rules That Rental Managers Should Be Aware Of:  

  • Charging credit card for damages to the home/unit you manage 

    • Visa has strict requirements regarding if/how you charge a card for damages. Essentially, you must get authorization from the consumer to charge their card for damages after the damage occurred but before you charge the card. 

  • Surcharge rules 

    • You are allowed to pass your interchange processing fees along to the consumer on credit card payments, which saves you a lot of money! But the card brands have strict rules about HOW you can do that.  

    • AscentZeroCost is our fully compliant surcharge program 

  • Click to agree online checkout policy 

    • If your online checkout pages are set up correctly with a “click to agree” to your terms of service, a screenshot can help you win most types of chargebacks (not Fraud). Learn more with our video series on chargebacks & fraud prevention. 

  • Savings on debit cards  

    • All card brands (except Amex) allow you to state that you prefer payment by debit card, which is a card type which costs you much less to process.  

  • Chargeback threshold  

    • The card brands have rules about what percentage of your transactions can be disputed. Most of our clients are MUCH lower than the threshold.  


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