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PartnershipsAscent and RealTimeRental (RTR) Software Partner to Help Rental Managers Succeed

RealTime Rental

Ocean City, NJ

For more than 20 years RealTimeRental (RTR) and Ascent Payment Solutions have worked together to bring the best services and technology to our mutual clients and the vacation rental industry. RTR providing world-class rental & property management software to the industry and Ascent providing best-in-class payment processing solutions, allowing vacation rental managers the ability to accept credit & debit card payments as well as providing ACH/E-check services securely and safely through an advanced payment gateway. 

As independent companies serving the vacation rental industry, both companies believe in putting our clients first and that our services should not only be the best, but they should be beneficial to all. We both believe that it is in everyone’s best interest that our relationships should be long-standing and as transparent as possible. Both Ascent and RTR take great pride in the fact that some of our first clients are still mutual clients 20+ years later. 

Ascent and RTR are proud to announce that RTR has upgraded their inbtegration with Ascent (Fall 2023) to now be able to provide RealTimeRental clients the ability to enjoy AscentZeroCost, our fully compliant surcharge solution which helps vacation rental managers significantly reduce their payment processing costs.

Ascent provides RTR clients with a variety of services: 

  • Credit & Debit Card Acceptance: Through our partnership, our mutual clients in the United States and Canada can accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover and optionally American Express. 
    • Free Rate Analysis 
    • Low Pricing 
    • Interchange+ Model 
    • Net Billing 
    • RTR clients are the Merchant of Record (MOR) 
    • Optional compliant surcharge solution.
  • ACH/E-check Services: Ascent provides RTR clients the ability to accept payments electronically with ACH/E-check, as well as the ability to pay homeowners and vendors with the same technology. 
  • Slim CD gateway: The integration of the Slim CD gateway into the RTR Software platform allows for seamless and secure payment processing. It also allows for Ascent to provide best customer support and savings in the rental industry. Some highlights of this integration include:
    • Certified on All Major Networks and Industry Types including Lodging.  
    • Tokenization which provides protection again data breaches. 
    • Automatic Authorization Reversals 
    • Card Load Features  
    • EMV Compliant with Plug & Play Technology 
    • Integrated for ACH guest payment acceptance. 

Through our partnership, RTR clients receive these benefits when working with Ascent: 

Personalized Service: with 20+ years of experience in the vacation rental industry, we truly understand your business and your needs unlike local banks or international processors where you are just another account number. 

  • Free chargeback/dispute support. 
  • Through Ascent, your relationship is direct to the underwriting bank. 
  • Our team will walk you through all the steps involved to get your PCI compliance certificate. 
  • Ascent offers full chargeback/dispute support at no additional cost. 
  • Net Billing: as the merchant, you are refunded your credit card fees on processed credits/returns possibly adding up to substantial savings over the course of a year. 
  • Free proactive review by Ascent specialists of your guest paperwork (confirmations, terms & conditions, lease agreements, etc.) to make sure your documentation is as effective as possible in standing up to chargebacks and disputes. 
  • No set up fee, no contract length requirements, no cancellation, or termination fees.  

For more information on how our partnership with RealTimeRental can benefit your company or for a free rate analysis, please fill out the form on this page or contact Ascent by emailing For more information on RTR, please visit their website:  


Our team is here to ensure starting to accept payments or your payment transition is seamless. We deliver the most advanced solutions for our merchants and partners with respect, honesty, and transparency.

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