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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are the advantages of accepting credit & debit cards?

Fully electronic data-flow helps in reducing the physical cash hold, makes book-keeping simpler and opens up a heavily used source of funding to your business with seamless process to help streamline operations.

Offering your clients, the ability to pay monies owed to you offers many advantages to both your company and your clients. First and foremost, it is a convenient and quick way for you to get paid and for your clients to be assured that they have completed the process needed to secure your services. The monies are deposited in your bank account in short order, removing the need to wait on checks that may or may never come in the mail allowing you to confirm the purchase. Your clients do not have take extra steps to mail payment via check (which they probably do not do for any other bills) and they can rest assured they don’t have to rush to meet a deadline. This process also allows your accounting team to easily track payments and deposits. And in the case of refund, it is a simple process on your end.

An integrated payment platform should not only help you accept payments faster and more efficiently, it should give you access to key features that can help you view and manage the health of your business.

The second consideration is the cost. All payment processors charge different fees for credit card processing. Ascent offers a simplified and transparent pricing structure for payment processing platforms and a surcharge program where available.

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