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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is ACH Proof of Authorization (POA)?

Authorization to debit a consumer or business’s bank account by ACH is required by NACHA before the originator can collect payment(s). It is important for the originator to be able to provide proof the account holder authorized payment should there be a dispute in the future. Depending on how the ACH payment is collected, the authorization can be written or electronic and should include the following at a minimum:  

  • Indication of type of transaction: credit or debit 

  • A statement that the signer of the form is a signer on the bank account to be debited or credited 

  • Customer’s full routing and account numbers 

  • An express statement authorizing the payment amount 

  • Date of authorization 

  • Terms by which the customer can revoke their authorization of transaction 

  • Contact information for the originator 

  • Signature or electronic signature (including click-to-agree) of the account holder 

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