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Our core business is helping companies accept payments via credit and debit cards securely at the lowest rates. Whether through an integration with your existing software or via a virtual terminal, Ascent is your destination.

The Basics You Need to Know

Payment Processing refers to your ability as a company to accept payments and when necessary, refund said payments. Our core business for more than 20Accept credit and debit cards with Ascent Payment Solutions years has been and continues to be to help companies accept payment via credit and debit cards securely without friction, at the lowest rates possible. We provide access to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express options to integrate within your software, hosted payment page, or as a stand-alone payment gateway.

Credit and debit cards are convenient and secure for guest purchases, and also improve a businesses’ cash flow. A recent report from Dun & Bradstreet shows consumers spend up to 18% more when using credit cards instead of cash for purchases. In addition to increased sales, businesses benefit from payment card transactions deposited quickly into your bank account. No more waiting for checks or running to the bank.

What is the difference between credit & debit cards? 

Debit cards have a lower processing rate for businesses because the purchase amount comes straight from a checking account in almost real time, so not as much risk to the bank that issued the card. When a credit card is used for payment, the interchange processing rates are a little more for the business since the purchase amount is paid over time, and often before services are rendered. Interchange is the fee merchants pay to the financial institution that issued the credit card used by their customer.

Benefits of Processing with Ascent

Drawbacks to Credit & Debit Card Processing

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