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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long does a refund take to process?

After you issue a refund, on average, it takes 7-10 days from the date settled for the cardholder to see the funds post back to their account. And by regulations, the issuer has up to 30 day to post the funds to their cardholder’s account. If you have a consumer asking about a refund, we recommend you first verify that the refund settled with your batch. If it did, let them know the average funding timing we just described. If it’s been more than 10 days and the cardholder still hasn’t seen the funds post, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.

The card associations are implementing the authorization process on refunds, just like with sales. This should help increase the visibility of refund status for your guests (by allowing them to see the refund as pending on their card) and hopefully reduce their concern about refund timing. Learn more here.

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