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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are some common chargeback reasons in Short-term Rentals?

  • Fraud
  • Cancelled Services
  • Not as Described 

Ask us about the tools Ascent has available to prevent or reduce your exposure to these common chargebacks, or click here.

The best way to challenge a chargeback is to gather the required paperwork together and send it to the processor for review. This information must reach the processor within 10 days of receiving the chargeback letter. The required documents will be listed on the chargeback letter. It is important to cooperate fully with the processor to resolve the chargeback. Remember, it is not the processor that is issuing the chargeback, it is the card issuing bank or the customer. 

You may not win every chargeback and your business may never get a chargeback, but operating your business under good standards and having good customer relations will improve your chances of not getting a chargeback in the first place. Also make sure your customers know your business name and return and refund policies, to avoid simple misunderstandings. Ascent is always here to help with your rebuttal. In fact, recently we have seen an average of 20% increase in chargeback wins from new merchants that switched to Ascent.

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