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PartnershipsAscent and ChargeAutomation Expand the Opportunities for Vacation Rental Managers




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Toronto, Canada

ChargeAutomation helps hospitality providers boost revenue and deliver 5-Star Guest Experiences. 

ChargeAutomation has introduced a groundbreaking solution aimed at addressing longstanding challenges within the hospitality sector. To tackle inefficiencies and manual processes head-on, the team at ChargeAutomation, composed of seasoned property managers, has devised a sophisticated approach to enhance guest communication and streamline operations.

As the industry rapidly evolves towards automation, intensifying competition among hosts and property management firms, it has also become a target for fraudsters exploiting security vulnerabilities in the booking process.

Recognizing these dynamics, ChargeAutomation has crafted an innovative platform to empower vacation rental managers and elevate guest experiences while mitigating these challenges. From contactless check-ins to seamless payment automation and robust fraud protection, ChargeAutomation transforms how property managers engage with guests, ensuring a smooth and secure journey from booking to check-out.

Here's how ChargeAutomation can transform your short-term rental business:

1. **Streamlined Check-Ins:** Bid farewell to cumbersome check-in procedures. With ChargeAutomation's contactless check-in feature, guests enjoy a hassle-free arrival experience, setting the stage for a memorable stay.

2. **Maximized Upsells:** Unlock new revenue streams effortlessly. Our intuitive platform empowers you to capitalize on upselling opportunities, adding value to every guest's experience while boosting your bottom line.

3. **Efficient Payment Automation:** Say hello to reclaimed time and enhanced productivity. Integrated with Ascent, ChargeAutomation automates payment processes, allowing property managers to focus on delivering unparalleled service.

4. **Secure Deposit Collection:** Rest easy knowing your business and guests are protected. ChargeAutomation's secure deposit collection feature ensures accountability throughout the guest's stay, fostering trust and confidence.

5. **Chargeback Fraud Protection:** Safeguard your reputation and finances against fraudulent activity. Leveraging Ascent's advanced fraud protection capabilities, ChargeAutomation shields your business from potential threats, preserving integrity and trust.

6. **Digital Guidebooks:** Empower guests with essential information at their fingertips. Our digital guidebooks offer a convenient resource, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

With ChargeAutomation as your trusted partner, unlock the full potential of your short-term rental business. Join us in delivering unforgettable stays and forging lasting connections with your guests. Elevate your hospitality experience with ChargeAutomation today!

ChargeAutomation is integrated with many of the top Property Management Systems (PMS) used by leading vacation rental managers including but not limited to:

Click here to see if your rental management software is integrated with ChargeAutomation. Through your ChargeAutomation account, you can connect with Ascent Payment Solutions – the rental manager’s destination for payment processing.

Ascent’s Benefits For ChargeAutomation Clients

A few of the ways we can make your life easier by sharing some features that set us apart from other payment solution providers:

  • ASCENT has specialized in payment processing for the vacation lodging industry including the short & long-term rental markets for more than 20 years. Unlike a local bank or large generic processors, we truly understand how your business works and offer the best rates and service with the most transparent Interchange Plus program
  • Ascent offers clients credit/debit card processing at the lowest rates possible as well ACH/E-check services.
  • As Merchant of Record (MOR), your relationship is direct with the underwriting bank so that you have more control over your money.
  • We walk you through all steps involved to get your PCI Compliance certificate providing essential security, peace of mind, and breach coverage*
  • We offer full chargeback support at no additional cost
  • You as the merchant are refunded your credit card fees on credits and returns that you run (Net Billing), this can add up to substantial savings over the course of the year
  • ASCENT will proactively review (free of charge) what a tenant receives from you to make sure your documents are the most effective in standing up against chargebacks (eg. Confirmation, Terms and Conditions, Lease Agreements, etc.)
  • No Setup Fees, No Contract Length Requirement, No Cancellation or Early Termination Fees

*partner bank may provide financial coverage if you are certified PCI compliant through their program


Our team is here to ensure starting to accept payments or your payment transition is seamless. We deliver the most advanced solutions for our merchants and partners with respect, honesty, and transparency.

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